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How do I get started with Bonsai and set up my account?
How do I get started with Bonsai and set up my account?

A quick-start guide to help you get your business up and running with Bonsai

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First of all, welcome! You might be coming to Bonsai for any number of features or tools - maybe you need to get a contract out to your client today, or perhaps you need a way to accept online payments. Whatever you're looking to do, we're here to help put your business on auto-pilot.

First steps

  1. Create your account if you haven't already.

  2. Import your existing clients to start setting up projects with them.

  3. Add your services to save time on creating invoices and proposals.

  4. Add your branding so that it applies to all future client-facing documents and emails.

  5. Embed your contact form in your website to send leads directly into Bonsai.

  6. Invite your teammates to start tracking their time and assigning tasks.

Core Features

Invoices - Learn more here

You can create and send your clients Invoices through Bonsai, and get paid through integrated payment options such as Bonsai Payments, Stripe, and PayPal.

Proposals - Learn more here

You can create and send your clients Proposals through Bonsai, which are a great way to pitch new projects to prospective clients or offer options and packages for your existing clients.


You can create and send your clients Contracts through Bonsai to lock in the terms of your work. You can use our templates, or create your own!

Scheduling - Learn more here

You can get your clients and leads to book you based on your availabilities. Fully integrated with Bonsai and one less subscription to pay for.


You can track your expenses and income to keep your freelance books in good shape. Visit the "accounting" tab to get started.

Bonsai Tax

Users in the US can leverage our Bonsai Tax add-on to get tax estimates, keep on top of deadlines, and more.

Banking - Learn more here

Users in the US can set up their business banking with Bonsai. Save, manage and spend your income where you already run your business.

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