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Creating completely custom contracts
Creating completely custom contracts

Discover two ways of creating custom contract templates in Bonsai.

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Bonsai offers 2 approaches for crafting custom contracts templates: the General (Standardized) template and the Blank Contract (Editable) template.

Whether you're looking for a structured starting point or prefer having more freedom in your creation, Bonsai has you covered. All you need to get started is a Bonsai account - feel free to sign up for the free trial today.

General (Standardized) Template

Using our General (Standardized) template is perfect if you're looking for a more structured starting point for your custom contract.

To utilize this template, navigate to Contracts and select ‘New Contract’. Here you can select the General (Standardized) template:

While crafting your template, you'll be prompted to complete predefined sections including 'Basic Info', 'Scope of Work', and 'Payment' details.

Fill in the required fields within each section to personalize the contract according to your project requirements:

Once finished, you'll have a contract that's uniquely crafted to fit your project's unique needs.

Please keep in mind: not all text in our Standardized contracts is editable. With this option, you'll have the flexibility to make amendments and additions to the content instead:

  • Hover over the highlighted sections to make amendments.

  • Hover over each section to reveal the pen icon to add onto the existing clauses as needed:

Once you're ready to sign and send this off to your client, select 'Sign Contract' in the top righthand corner. Followed by 'Send Contract'.

Blank Contract (Editable) Template

Using our Blank Contract (Editable) template is perfect if you prefer freedom in designing your custom contract from scratch.

Unlike our standard templates, opting for a Blank template contract skips the creation process altogether. This option is great if you already have your own contract content or wish to build out content from scratch.

To utilize this template, navigate to Contracts and select ‘New Contract’. Here you can select the Blank Contract (Editable) template:

After choosing this template, you'll have freedom to customize the content of your contract to your preference:

This custom contract template offers flexibility and maintains the same counter-signature process used in our standard contracts, ensuring both you and your recipient's signatures are required.

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