How to create an invoice

Learn more about how Bonsai can support your invoicing needs.

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Creating a new invoice

With Bonsai, creating and sending invoices is incredibly easy! Use the following steps to create a new invoice for your client.

  • Navigate to the Invoices tab on your dashboard

  • Select ‘New invoice’

  • Input the following details.

    -Invoice type: Identify if the invoice is a one-time, scheduled, subscription or recurring payment. Learn more about this on our Invoice automations page.

    -Client: Choose the client the project is correlated with.

    -New Project Name: Create a name for the project your invoice is for.

Once your selections have been made, click on the Create Invoice button. The invoice preview page will appear, where you can make edits and set up your preferences.

Setting up your invoice

We offer various options to customize your client invoices, including subscription automations, various payment methods and more!

Header Image

For instructions on how to add a background image, head over to our article on Adding your background to proposals and invoices.

Late Fee

Turn this option on to input your late fee rate. Please note that this value is a percentage of the invoice amount, which will be charged after the invoice date and every month after.

Display Tax ID/VAT Number

Our invoices allow users to add their VAT number to an invoice. To display a tax/VAT ID on your invoice, toggle the option on and type in your details.

Advanced Settings

Our invoice advanced settings allow for even more customization! Select the edit button to change your layout, link to your timesheet, and set other preferences for your invoices.

Payment methods

The payment methods that are offered on your invoice are completely customizable.

Whether you would like to offer integrated payment options or prefer to receive payments outside of Bonsai - we’ve got you covered! Select the edit button to choose your accepted payment methods.

For an overview of the integrated payment options that we offer and their applicable fees, take a look at our article on Understanding online payment methods and fees.

Clients pay fees

By default, the option for clients to pay for fees associated with payment methods is turned off on invoices. However, if you would like to offer this option to your clients, you can toggle it on. Once turned on, the fee amount will be added to the total invoice amount.

For additional support on creating invoices, please reach out to Bonsai's Support Team at

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