Creating tasks with Bonsai

How to create, organize and track your tasks seamlessly

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We’ve made managing your tasks a breeze so you can spend more time getting things done. In this article, we'll explore the choices you have on the Tasks page to help you better organize your workflow.

Adding task entries

Create a new task

Get started with creating a brand new task by navigating to the Tasks page and selecting the New Task button.

A window pane will then appear, where you can assign the task to a project and team member. You can also input the details of your task, upload related files, set subtasks and more.

Create subtasks

Subtasks can be created under an individual task by clicking on 'Add Subtask'. Simply type in your subtask's title and save it. Each individual subtask created will show a checkbox that can be checked once it has been completed.

Leveraging task templates

Task templates simplify the process of managing a new project by adding preset task lists. Each task template can have multiple tasks and subtasks under each task. This is helpful for when you have a set structure of tasks that are used regularly. You can add or edit the tasks anytime as your process evolves.

To create a new task template, navigate to your Task page, select the Templates tab and select the 'Create template' option.

Organizing your tasks

View options

There are two views available on the Tasks page; the list view and board view. To change your view, click on the List or Board option that displays.

Set task priorities

Make it easier to understand what your team should work on next by prioritizing tasks as Urgent, High, Medium, or Low. Designate a task priority by selecting a task and navigating to the Priority section on the menu.

Schedule tasks with start and due dates

Effectively plan projects by configuring a start date and due date under the Dates section of a tasks.

Categorize tasks with tags

Use custom tags across projects and clients better organize your tasks. To add a new tag, simply navigate to the task, type in the tag title and hit enter. Tags can be used to filter the list and board views to display the information you’re looking for easily.

Set task dependencies

Once a task has been assigned to a project, a task dependency can be set up under the Blocked by section of your task. Click on the Add dependency option to see the tasks associated with your project in the dropdown menu.

You're able to finish tasks even if they have dependencies blocking them. The dependencies section helps you see which tasks your work relies on, but it doesn't stop you from completing blocked tasks.

Configure tasks to repeat

If you have tasks that repeat on a regular basis, use the Frequency section of a task to set a schedule for how often they repeat.

Track the status of your task

Keep track of which stage your task is in by using our preset statuses' or create your own!

Custom statuses can be created by selecting the status dropdown menu of a task, and choosing Settings. From here, click on + Add Status to type in a title. After the status has been added, it will then be available to select for your tasks.

Tracking time

Log time spent on a task

When tracking time with our in-built time tracker or when logging a manual entry, assign the entry to a specific task in the dropdown menu that appears.

Time estimates

Discover on how long your tasks are taking by setting a time estimate and tracking time against it. Head over to the Insights tab of your project page and scroll down to the Completed Tasks section to see all your tasks estimates compared to the actual time logged.

For further assistance with tasks, feel free to reach out to the Bonsai Support team at

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