Inviting your team members to Bonsai
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In this article, we'll guide you through the process of adding team members to your account and explain the views they will have once added. Whether you're a new user or looking to expand your team's access, this resource will help you navigate the onboarding journey seamlessly.

Adding and removing team members

You can add and remove team members through the Team page in your company settings.

When you add a new team member, they receive an email inviting them to join your company in Bonsai. They must accept this invitation in order to join your team.

Adding team members costs $10/month per member, or $100/year with yearly billing. Your subscription is automatically updated when a new member is invited.

What your team members can expect

Once you've invited your team member to the company, they will receive an email asking to accept the invite. Until the invite is accepted on their end, their status will appear as "Invite Pending".

What your collaborator's see

Collaborators work on individual projects within the company. They can track time and add tasks on the projects they were invited to, but do not have access to client details, revenue/financial data, or company documents such as proposals, contracts, and invoices. Learn more about collaborator access here.

Here is an example of what your collaborators will see when working with your company:

Group 40068 (2) (1).png

What your project manager see

Project Managers help with project management. They have full access to clients, projects, tasks, time tracking, and forms, but they do not have access to any revenue/financial data. Learn more about project manager access here.

Here is an example of what a project manager will see when working with your company:

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