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Leveraging the client portal for enhanced client collaboration
Leveraging the client portal for enhanced client collaboration

What is my branded client portal and how can I use it with my clients?

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Two-minute client portal overview

What the client portal offers

  • Share project access to your clients in an interface with your own branding.

  • Give an easy-to-use interface for clients to see their project's invoices, documents and past activity timeline.

  • Share key documents and links with Clients. Learn More

  • Let clients easily upload files to share with you on your project. Learn More

How to enable your client portal

You can enable your client portal from your Account Settings page:

How clients can access your client portal

Clients can easily access your Client Portal anytime from the proposals/contracts or invoices you send them.

Additionally you can easily link to your Client Portal by copy/pasting the link from your account settings:

How to update your client portal branding

First, make sure that you have enabled "Whitelabeling" in your Branding settings so that it is set to "Show Your Brand". Save your changes and this will ensure that clients see your branding in your emails to them, as well as on all client-facing pages.

From there, make sure your "Company Logo" has been saved in order to ensure your correct logo is used.

To update the background image on your Client Portal, go to your Client Portal settings page and upload a new image:

Client's view: Logging into your portal

Once you've updated those settings you can be sure that your client will see your Client Portal all within the context of your brand.

Your clients can log in using the email you've set as their primary contact email:

Client's view: Within your client portal

After opening your portal through the secure link, they will see their active projects with you:

Your clients can pay their invoices, upload and view documents attached with each project.

Within each project, your clients will see an overview and a billing tab. Billing will display any invoices that the client has already received from you, and display their status. Your client will be able to pay their outstanding invoices from this view.

The overview section offers timestamped activity details and the ability to view and upload documents to their project.


Can I revoke access to the Client Portal for one client? If that client is archived will they still have access?

  • If you archive them or change the email address on the client, they will no longer have access to your client portal.

Is the log in process for clients always a secure link, as opposed to a username and password?

  • At this time, we always use a secure email link as a means to access the client portal both for security reasons (particularly with more sensitive client project data) and for convenience.

If a client has several contacts, can all the contacts use the portal?

  • Every contact on a client in your account can access the client portal. So, if you have a project with Smith & Co and there are 2 contacts (john and jane) in their client details, then both of those contacts will be able to log into your portal.

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