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How to set up Scheduling
How to set up Scheduling

Learn how to use scheduling in Bonsai

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What is Scheduling?

Our Scheduling feature helps you remove the back and forth with clients by providing a simple way for your clients to book appointments based on your schedule and availability.

How to set up Scheduling

  1. Head to the page or click Scheduling under the Tools section on the left-side navigation menu:

  2. Click "Get Started" and choose a calendar to connect to your Bonsai account

  3. Then, link your calendar and allow permissions:

  4. That's it! Your Scheduling set up is complete.

Setting up Event types

You can create different event types based on the meeting type. You can also connect your Zoom, Google Meet, MS teams accounts here.

  1. First add your event type details: name, duration, event link, etc.

2. Set up your availability for this event type:

3. Customize your page's design and set up email reminders to the client:

Once the event type is created, you can grab the unique URL for this event type and share it with clients so that they can directly book a call with you.

Here's what your clients will see. You can adjust the logo that shows up on the booking page from your Branding settings.

Once they've booked, here's the email they'll receive. They can easily add it to their calendar, reschedule or even cancel.

You'll find all your new bookings in your scheduling dashboard. If a lead schedules an event, they'll automatically be added as a client in Bonsai.

How to share your Booking page

1. Share via link or embed

2. Embed in your website

A great way for clients to book you directly from your website. Here's what it could look like:

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