Tracking time internally with Bonsai

How to track the time your team is spending on projects

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Our time tracking features ensure that your time is tracked accurately, so your billing can be precise as a result.

Here, we'll guide you through the various options and features available for tracking time in Bonsai:

  • In-app time tracking

  • Manually entering tracked time

  • Tracking non-billable hours

  • Setting up a timer limit email notification

  • Using timesheets

  • Time tracking with Bonsai apps

In-app time tracking

Bonsai comes equipped with a built-in timer that allows to you keep track of the time being spent on tasks. Simply click on the Track Time option to get started! This will then take you to the following screen, prompting you to input the details that correlate with the time entry.

Once you’ve stopped the timer and submitted the details, the new entry will reflect on the Time Entries page.

Manually entering tracked time

Time entries can be manually added on the Time Entries page by clicking on the Add Time option. Fill in the details related to your time entry to add it to your dashboard.

Tracking non-billable hours

Time entries can be marked as non-billable in just one click. Simply hover over the value in the Billable column and select the dollar sign icon.

Alternatively, you can click on the time entry and click on the Billing drop-down menu to switch from billable to non-billable.

Using timesheets

Timesheets provide a detailed breakdown of how much time each team member is spending on projects and their utilization rate.

To manually add any extra hours worked, go to the "Add Hours" option and input the relevant details.

Account owners now have the capability to lock timesheets, preventing edits from being made by team members. To lock or unlock a user’s timesheet, simply hover over the righthand side of a time entry and select the lock icon that appears.

The lock icon will reflect for all team members,

Setting up a timer limit email notification

Add a custom email reminder for your time tracker to get notified when the timer runs longer than expected. This helps to prevent racking up irrelevant hours that you'll have to audit later!

To customize your timer, go to your Account Settings page, select the Notifications & Alerts tab and set your custom limit.

Tracking time on Bonsai apps

To track time using our apps, all you need to do is download the tool and sign in! Click here for a full list of the apps we have available on various platforms.

Any time tracking completed using these alternative options will automatically sync with your Bonsai account.

If you have any questions about our Time Tracking with Bonsai, reach out to our Support team at

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