Bonsai Cash is your new business checking account! It is an easy-to-use account to help you manage your business funds, spending, and savings goals. Connect it to Bonsai Payments or other sources to get paid directly to Bonsai Cash, and spend your funds with your virtual and physical cards!

Your "Available Balance" is your main balance in Bonsai Cash! This is the pool that all incoming transfers will be routed to, and outcoming transfers will be routed from. This is also the pool you will spend from with your Bonsai Physical and Digital Cash card.

You can access your card by clicking "View Card." You will be prompted to enter an emailed 2-Factor Authentication code to reveal your card information. You can use your card number, CVV, and expiration date to make purchases online and move over your subscriptions to your Bonsai Cash card. You can also add your virtual card to a mobile wallet.

Envelopes are a great way to further manage your funds. You can create as many as you would like, give them a custom name, and choose an icon to customize them. Envelopes are designed to help you divide your funds as you see fit- whether you want to save for taxes, equipment, or anything else. To move funds between your balance and envelopes (and vice versa) you can use the "Transfer Funds" button, and the "Within Bonsai" option.

You can make envelopes even more useful with Envelope Automations. These are essentially a set of rules for your money as it's arriving in your Bonsai Cash account! For example, you can assign 30% of all incoming funds to be routed to one envelope, and perhaps 20% to another. You can create and adjust these by clicking "Manage Envelope Automations."

Clicking "View Account Info" will display your account number and routing number. This is the information you will use to send ACH bank transfers to fund your Bonsai Cash account from your online banking, or set it up as a payout method for other payment platforms.

Clicking "Transfer Funds" and "Outside Bonsai" will let you send outbound ACH bank transfers to an external bank account, such as when you want to pay yourself from Bonsai Cash.


How do I connect Bonsai Cash to Bonsai Payments?

There are buttons in both Bonsai Payments and Bonsai Cash to connect them together! This will add Bonsai Cash as a payout destination for your invoices when they're paid with Bonsai Payments.

Can I use Bonsai Cash to withdraw funds from an ATM?

Yes you can! There is a daily limit of $300 for ATM withdrawals.

How long to transfers take between Bonsai Payments and Bonsai Cash?

If you connect Bonsai Cash as the default payout method for Bonsai Payments, for now the timelines will be the same as transferring to another business account.

What are the fees involved with Bonsai Cash?

Who is eligible for Bonsai Cash?

Currently, only select users in the United States are eligible to use Bonsai Cash. If you are eligible, you will be prompted to complete an onboarding when clicking on the "Cash" tab in Bonsai.

What is "Evolve Bank & Trust?"

When you open an account through Bonsai Cash and store funds in that account, those funds are held at Evolve Bank and Trust (Member FDIC)

How do I get my physical Bonsai Cash card?

When we're ready to send you your physical card, we will prompt you in-app for the information we need to get you that card!

Is my "available balance" a summary of my envelopes?

No, each envelope is its "own" individual balance within Bonsai Cash!

© 2023 Bonsai Technologies Inc - Bonsai partners with Stripe Payments Company for money transmission services and account services with funds held at Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. Bonsai cards are issued by Celtic Bank. Bonsai is not a law firm, and does not provide legal services, advice, or representation.

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