How do Instant Payouts work?

Get to know Bonsai's Instant Payouts feature!

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Note: This feature is only available to US users using Bonsai Payments for payments that were made via debit/credit card. Instant Payouts are not available for payments made via ACH (bank transfer).

With Instant Payouts, Bonsai users can enjoy the rush of having payments deposited into their accounts lightning-fast – typically within an hour and, in many cases, mere minutes after the client pays.

How to Enable Instant Payouts

πŸ‘‰ Remember: To use Instant Payouts, first make sure you've got Bonsai Payments up and running. Not there yet? This can be done by clicking on "Edit Payment Methods" in the Invoices page.

If Bonsai Payments is already enabled on your account, Instant Payout schedule will be available for your account as soon as you're on the Standard Payout Schedule (depending on an established good history of payment processing with Bonsai Payments β€” more details on that here.

1. Update Your Payout Schedule

Instant Payouts is available to select users who have a history of good payments on Bonsai. To check if you're eligible, go to Payments.

If you are eligible, you will be able to select Instant Payouts as an option:

2. Add a compatible payout method.

You'll need to add a payment method compatible with Instant Payouts:

Heads up: For initial setup, you must have a bank account linked before adding a debit card. After that, sit back and watch the payments roll in!

That's it! Your next payment will arrive on your debit card or bank account in minutes.

πŸ‘‰ Note: Instant Payouts will only work for future payouts. Past payments will stick to the Standard Payout Schedule, but moving forward, any new payments will be eligible for the Instant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Payouts

How can I become eligible for Instant Payouts?

Keep using Bonsai Payments. Eligibility is automated, based on your payment history with us. The more you use it, the quicker you'll have access.

Can I turn Instant Payouts on or off at any time?

Once you're eligible you can turn Instant Payouts on or off from your payments tab.

Is Instant Payouts available in combination with Bonsai business banking as a payout account?

​Find out more about Bonsai's business banking solution and how to activate it.

Is Instant Payments available for Stripe Payments or PayPal?


Instant Payouts is an exclusive feature only available to Bonsai Payments users.

What does Instant Payouts cost?

1.5% of the payout amount.

eg. Your original payment amount was $100.

The regular processing fees are calculated at a rate of 2.9% + $0.30, so this payout amount would be $96.80.
If this payment was then on an Instant Payout Schedule there would be an additional 1.5% calculated against the $96.80 and you would receive a deposit amount of $95.35.

Is there a limit on Instant Payouts?


There is a daily limit of $9,999.00 on Instant Payouts.

Does Instant Payouts work with ACH payments?


At the moment, Instant Payouts is only available for debit/credit card payments.

Does Instant Payouts work outside the US?


Instant Payouts are available in the US only, but we're working on supporting other countries as soon as possible!

I was paid yesterday and turned on Instant Payouts today. Will I get my money in an hour?


Instant Payouts will only impact payments made after the feature is enabled.

eg. Let's say a client makes a credit card payment on Day 1 and you enable Instant Payouts on Day 2, then another client pays you on Day 3. Only the payment on Day 3 will work with Instant Payouts. The payment on Day 1 will still be on a Standard Payout Schedule.

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