What is subcontracting?

Whenever a part or more of the work for a project is assigned, or outsourced, to an external party, a subcontracting relationship is established. As with any working relationship, it's a great idea to have a contract template in place.

How is subcontracting used in Bonsai?

With Bonsai's 'client' mode, users can manage their subcontracting documents in one easy place.

Sign up to a free trial of Bonsai to see how you can:

  • Invite contractors to custom onboarding flows (with various to-do's such as connecting Stripe/PayPal, and collecting contact information).

  • Create projects with contractors that you can use to organize their invoicing, contracts, and files.

  • Create and send custom contracts to contractors.

  • View total spend across all subcontractors.

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