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How can I send Contracts and Invoices as a client through Bonsai?
How can I send Contracts and Invoices as a client through Bonsai?

Use Bonsai's Client Mode to send your contractors contracts and let them invoice you.

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Sending Contracts as a client and setting your contractors up to Invoice you through Bonsai as a client is easy with Client Mode.

Note: Client Mode is currently available exclusively on our Business plan. You can check which plan you're currently on, and upgrade if needed from your Subscriptions Page.

Switching to Client Mode

Click on your profile image in the top left of Bonsai, and click on the switch that says "Client Mode":

Sending a contract as a client in Bonsai

Go the Contracts tab on the left-hand menu and Create a Contract:

Choose from one of our many pre-made templates or choose the "custom" template to paste in your own. Fill out the contract wizard if prompted, and look over your contract.

Click the "sign" button in the top right of the page and then add your signature as prompted.

Finally, click the "send" button to request a signature from your freelancer/contractor for your new contract.

Letting contractors send invoices through Bonsai

  1. Create a new project with your contractor if you don't have one already.

  2. When your contractor logs into their personal Bonsai account with the same email you invited them with, they will be able to access the project you've invited them to.

  3. Your contractor can now create an invoice from that project page by clicking "new invoice" or the "+" button, and then send it to you for payment.

Note: In these cases, your contractor will not be able to create an invoice from their "invoices" tab without an active subscription, they must create it from the project page itself.

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