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What is "Dual Mode", "Contractor Mode" and "Client Mode"? How can I switch?
What is "Dual Mode", "Contractor Mode" and "Client Mode"? How can I switch?

Understanding contractor vs client mode

Updated over a week ago

You can use Bonsai as a contractor (sending contracts and invoices to clients, etc), as a client (paying invoices and contracts, etc), or both.  Upon signing up, your account is set up in one of these modes.

If you believe that your account has been set up in the wrong mode (for example, you want to use Bonsai as a contractor instead of a client), feel free to reach out to our support and we'll be sure to update your account.

Note: Dual Mode is only available for users with the Business Plan

To enable dual mode and act as both a contractor and client (for example, subcontracting), go to the bottom of your settings page ( and click "Enable Dual Mode":

Once you do that, you'll be able to switch back and forth from client and freelancer mode using that button.

You can see which mode you're in by clicking your name in the top right:

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