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Which countries and languages does Bonsai support?
Which countries and languages does Bonsai support?

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Contracts come with templates for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We also have a generic contract where you can edit the entire text that can be adapted for other countries.

Proposals, Time Tracking and Invoices 

Our Proposals, Time Tracking, and Invoices can be technically used in any country, and we support over 100 currencies.

Payment is provided by third-party services which have different geographic availabilities. You can learn more about Stripe's availability here and PayPal's availability here

If you'd like to get paid outside of Bonsai, you can also do so by giving your bank details to your client. You can set this info from the Payouts section in Settings.

Expense Tracking

Expenses can be tracked in any of our 100 supported currencies, but for automated importing from a bank account, the account must be in the US or Canada.

Let Us Know!

Bonsai's interface is currently only available in English.  If we don't support your language/country/payment integration/etc, please let us know. We keep track of all requests internally and can hopefully support them in the future.

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