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How to embed a Bonsai form on a Squarespace Contact page?
How to embed a Bonsai form on a Squarespace Contact page?

Steps to embed your form on your Squarespace site

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Before you start:

  • Keep the embed code of your Bonsai Form handy. You can simply click on the Share button on your Form and select the Embed Code option:

Steps to add the Bonsai Form to your Squarespace page:

1. Go to the Squarespace contact page on which you'd like to embed the form.

2. Hover your cursor over the page content, then click the Edit button.

3. If you have an existing contact form on your Squarespace template, hover over that block and hit the Delete icon to delete it.

4. Then click the Edit button, and then the little plus (+) icon

5. Select the </> code option on the right and paste the code of your Bonsai Form into the code box.

6. Then click the Save button on the top left corner of the window to save changes. Then, just refresh the page to see your form! Tada!

7. To test this, always open the page on which you embedded the Bonsai form from an incognito Chrome window and it should show up perfectly :)

8. If you need help with either embedding or troubleshooting an embedded form on Squarespace, please give us a shout at

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