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How to embed a Bonsai form on a Wix Contact page?
How to embed a Bonsai form on a Wix Contact page?

Steps to embed your form on your Wix site

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Before you start:

  • Keep the embed code of your Bonsai Form handy. You can simply click on the Share button on your Form and select the Embed Code option:

Steps to add the Bonsai Form to your Wix page:

1. Open the Wix editor and click Menus & Pages.

2. In the Site Menu tab, select the Contact page on which you'd like to embed your Bonsai form.

3. If there are any existing forms on the Wix contact page, you'll have to delete those forms.

4. Now, to add your Bonsai Form, Click the (+) Add button from the left-hand menu.

5. From the options that open up, click Embed, then select Embed a Widget in the subsequent menu.

6. Click to drag and drop your iframe to the correct location on the contact page. Then, click the Enter Code button.

7. Then it asks a question called What do you want to add?

8. Please select "Code".

9. Then, paste the embed code of your Bonsai Form in the Add your code here (HTTPS only) section.

10. Click Apply.

11. Resize the form to get the desired size and then Publish it!

12. If you need help with either embedding or troubleshooting an embedded form on Wix, please give us a shout at

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