Can I create tasks under my Projects?
Task management in Bonsai
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Yes, you can set up tasks for your projects and track time against them in Bonsai.

How to create tasks?

You can create tasks from the Project Overview page itself, by clicking the '+' icon within the Tasks section as shown below:

Alternatively, you can create tasks from the dedicated Tasks page by clicking the 'New Task' button.

Once a new task is created, you can save it by adding assigning it to a project, a due date, and also assign it to a collaborator (team member). When you create the task from the project overview section, then the project is automatically populated for the task.

How to add sub-tasks under tasks?

You can add sub-tasks under each task by clicking the branch icon within the task create/edit screen as shown below:

Evertìy subtask created shows a checkbox that can be checked once you complete the subtask

How can I track time for my tasks?

When you activate the timer, upon selecting the project from the dropdown, you will be asked to select the task for which you want to track your time.

These tracked times will be shown on the invoice per task to your clients.

What are Task templates?

If you have a set structure of tasks and sub-tasks that you'd like to use on your projects regularly, you can save them as task templates and can pull them onto projects whenever needed.

You can create a new task template from here.

Each task template can have multiple tasks and subtasks under each task :)

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