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Automating invoices when your proposals are accepted
Automating invoices when your proposals are accepted

Auto-create a proposal invoice when a client accepts your proposal.

Updated over a week ago

Upon sending a proposal template or a quote template, you have the option to auto-create an invoice template when the client accepts it.  This means that Bonsai will create a new invoice for you automatically for the proposal amount. All you need is your Bonsai account - if you're not a user yet, feel free to sign up for the free trial.

If you have multiple packages in your proposal for your client can choose from, they will be combined in the same invoice that is generated for you. Make sure to keep accurate track of all invoices for when self-employment tax time comes!

For example, if your proposal has three packages to choose from:

  • Branding - $1,000

  • Homepage Design - $500

  • Copywriting - $500

If your client selects both "Branding" and "Homepage Design" packages, you will have a single invoice automatically for $1,500 created after they accept it. Furthermore, the line items on the invoice will reflect the packages selected.

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