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Adding your background to proposals and invoices
Adding your background to proposals and invoices

In-depth instructions on how to add your custom background to documents

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Bonsai allows you to customize your proposals and invoices easily to make documents reflective of your brand.

How to upload a background image to proposals

Bonsai offers 100+ proposal templates for various industries and work types. A background image can be added to any of our templates with the following steps.

  1. Create a new proposal, or select the existing proposal you would like to personalize.

  2. On the preview of the proposal, simply select the Edit option and upload your custom image file.

  3. Optional: If you would like to alter the design of your proposal, we offer 8 different theme styles. Select the Cover option to view and apply your preferred theme.

How to upload a background image to invoices

  1. Create a new invoice, or select the existing invoice that you are looking to make changes to.

  2. Navigate to the righthand window pane that contains additional options. Under Setup, click the Add Image option to upload your desired header image.

Image Dimensions

We support JPG, JPEG and PNG file types as background images.

Please keep in mind that images being added as a background should be no larger than 10MB and be consistent with the following dimensions:

Proposals Background Dimensions:

858px x 200px (non-retina)

1716px x 200px (retina)

Invoice Background Dimensions:

658px x 150px (non-retina)

1316px x 300px (retina)


I don’t see the option to add a header image to my proposal or invoice.

  • If you don't see the option to upload a file, ensure that you are still editing your proposal/invoice. If it's already been sent to your client, you won’t be able to edit the background image

The image I uploaded appears blurry, how can I fix it?

  • As a first step, ensure that your image aligns with our recommended dimensions above. Images that are 1800px or more are ideal, as that width will be displayed fully and on retina screens clearly.

If you require additional support, please reach out to the Bonsai Support team at

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