Project Insights

Get an overview of your project's financial health

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  • This feature is available on the Professional plan and higher

  • Only Owners and Partners can access the Insights tab. Project Managers and Collaborators cannot view this section.

The Insights tab offers a comprehensive view of your project's financial health and overall status. Here, you can track budget evolution, monitor profitability, and assess team performance.


Evolution of budget usage over time: Visualize your budget usage through a dynamic graph, highlighting trends and helping you stay on target with your financial goals.

Profitability Tracker

This section offers detailed insights into your project's financial effectiveness within the current budget cycle:

  • Billable total: This is the total amount of money that can be billed to the client. For a fee-based budget, this is the project budget plus any billable expenses. For a time-based budget, this is the time tracked multiplied by the billable rates plus any billable expenses.

  • Project costs: This is the sum of the labor cost (see below), billable expenses, and non-billable expenses.

  • Expected profit: This is the difference between the billable total and the project costs.

  • Margin: This is the expected profit as a percentage of the billable total. It is calculated by dividing the expected profit by the billable total and then multiplying by 100.

The profitability tracker also provides a deep dive into cost and billing indicators:

  • Cost indicators:

    • Labor cost: This is the cost of labor for the project. It is calculated by multiplying the cost rate by the time tracked.

    • Billable expenses: These are expenses that can be billed to the client.

    • Non-billable expenses: These are expenses that can't be billed to the client.

  • Billing indicators:

    • Total billed: This is the total amount of money that has been billed to the client (invoices sent).

    • Total unbilled: This is the amount of money that can still be billed to the client. It is calculated by subtracting the total billed from the billable total.


Gain insights into each project member’s contributions, including total time tracked, billable hours, and a breakdown of tasks (completed, on track, overdue).

Completed Tasks

Review all completed tasks, focusing on the estimated vs. actual time spent, and the planned vs. actual completion dates. This section helps identify which tasks impacted the budget positively or negatively.

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