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How to set billable and cost rates
How to set billable and cost rates
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In Bonsai, you can set billable rates for members and projects. This will allow you to pre-fill the "Billable Rate" in your time entries, making time tracking and budgeting easier. You can also set cost rates for members to get insights into project costs and profitability.

Set or update billable rates and cost rates for team members

  • Go to the member's profile in your team settings.

  • Look for the "Billable Rate" and "Cost Rate" sections.

  • Enter the desired rates.

Set the billable for a given project

  • Go to the project settings.

  • Look for the "Billable Rate" section. By default, this is set the "Members default billable rate":

  • If you wish, you can switch to a project-specific billable rate. Simply switch the value of "Billable Rate" to "Project billable rate" and add a value:

How do billable rates affect time entries?

  • The "Billable Rate" in time entries will be pre-filled based on either:

    • The members' billable rate (if no project is selected, or if the selected project's "Billable Rate" setting is set to "Members default billable rate".);

    • Or the project's billable rate (if the "Billable Rate" setting is set to "Project billable rate".)

  • You can still edit the "Billable Rate" for each individual time entry if needed:

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