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Can I customize the FROM email address when sending document?
Can I customize the FROM email address when sending document?

Understand the limitations of white-labeling on Bonsai

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Customizing Your Sender Email Address

Yes! However, this feature is only supported via Gmail integration at this time. Currently, we do not support white-labeling the FROM email with any other email client when sending through Bonsai.

To connect your email to Bonsai, go to the integration settings page and click the Gmail option from the list of apps. This will allow you to log into your Gmail account and send emails within Bonsai from that email address.

Once this is confirmed, all of your emails sent via Bonsai, whether that is a form, proposal, contract, invoice, etc will have the sender (FROM) address as your connected account email.

Other Email Customizations

Beyond this white-labeling feature, you can also customize the logo sent in the email as well as edit the brand color for links and buttons right from your brand settings.

Alternatively, please remember that you can always send documents via URL and simply send your document link directly from your email address.

Let our team know that this is an important feature to you.

Share comment and improvement ideas right in our feature request portal for our team to reference when researching new features for Bonsai 🌳

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