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How can I manage 2FA (SMS or email code) for my account?
How can I manage 2FA (SMS or email code) for my account?

Learn how to edit 2-Factor Authentication for your Bonsai account.

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How does 2FA work on Bonsai

You may have noticed the 6-digit code required to log into your Bonsai account, add a new payout account or other sensitive actions on Bonsai. This additional steps is called 2-Factor Authentication, which helps keep your account secure.

It usually looks something like this, with a form to enter a authentication code sent to your email or phone number as a text message:

Managing your 2FA settings

2FA is currently required on all account. To update your 2FA setup, navigate to your account settings. Once there, you can choose between email and SMS verification.

Note that if you have activated business banking in Banking, you're required to have 2FA verification through SMS.

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