Payment page layouts on client invoices

Understanding the payment page layouts options for client invoices

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Bonsai offers two distinct payment page layouts for client invoices; the side-by-side layout and single-column layout. Here's a quick overview to help you decide which suits your needs best.

Side-by-side layout

What is it? This layout presents the full invoice and payment forms side by side. Your clients can see everything at a glance, without scrolling.

Why choose this? It's ideal if you want your clients to have immediate access to all the details of the invoice, alongside the payment options.

Keep in mind: While this layout provides more information at once, it does make the payment forms and PDF download button less prominent compared to the Simplified payment page.

Single-column layout (default)

What it is: This layout is all about keeping things straightforward. When your client opens an invoice, they'll first see the essentials: the amount they owe, a PDF download option, and the payment forms, all at the top of the page.

Why choose this? The high-level details and payment forms are shown with less distraction.

Keep in mind: To see the full invoice details itself, the user must scroll further down the page.

How to change your payment page layout settings

  • To change your payment page settings, visit your Invoice Settings and select your preferred layout.

  • Click on the ‘save changes’ button to see your new layout reflect on the invoice.

To learn more about how you can create and customize your invoices on Bonsai, check out our article on How to create an invoice.

If you have any questions about invoicing, get in touch with the Bonsai Support team at

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