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How does the QuickBooks Online integration with Bonsai work?
How does the QuickBooks Online integration with Bonsai work?

Learn how the integration works and how to set up.

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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ The QuickBooks Online integration currently only supports customers based in the United States. We have plans to extend it to other countries, stay tuned.

How it works

Automatically sync your invoices between Bonsai and QuickBooks Online with this simple-to-set-up integration.

Each time a client pays an invoice or you mark an invoice as paid in Bonsai, it'll send to your QuickBooks Online account. This way you don't need to manually upload invoices and information is always in sync between your two accounts.

Please note this integration is available for customers on the Professional and Business plans.

Setting up

1 - Head to Settings > Integrations & Data and click on the QuickBooks Online card:

2 - You'll then be prompted to connect to QuickBooks Online to Bonsai.

3 - When you click connect, you'll be redirected to the Intuit QuickBooks sign in page.

Please note that if are on the Starter plan, you'll be prompted to upgrade to Professional or Business.

4 - Once you've signed into your QuickBooks account, you'll be redirected to the Bonsai integration page where you'll see QuickBooks is now connected:

5 - Head to your invoices page. You'll notice a QuickBooks icon in each of the invoice lines. Each time an invoice is paid or mark as paid, it'll automatically sync to QuickBooks and the icon will turn green:

The QuickBooks icon is a button you can use to manually sync invoices that were paid before you set up the integration. Click the icon to sync the data and turn the icon green.

6 - You will now also be able to see your invoices on the QuickBooks Online platform.

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