How can I charge a flat fee on my Invoices?

Hide the 'unit' field in Bonsai if you're charging a flat fee instead of hourly!

Updated over a week ago

If you are billing clients a flat fee, you probably don't need the 'Units' field on your Invoices. Here at Bonsai, we're always looking to make things as streamlined as possible and providing options that suit your needs!

That's why we've made it super easy to hide that column and simplify your Invoices! This will change your invoices so there is only one editable amount per line item (the total value of that line item).

If this seems like a good fit for your needs, you can update your Settings with just a couple clicks! Head over to your Invoice Settings page then click the 'Hide Units Field' option and save.

Voila! ๐ŸŽ‰

๐Ÿ‘‰ Note: This change will apply to all of your past and future invoices, though it will not alter the total amounts of any invoices you have created in the past.

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