Can I send files to my client?
Upload and send files to your clients right from your projects.
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There are 2 ways to send files to your clients through your projects: File Uploads and Email Attachments.

Uploading Files on Projects

File uploads on your projects are a great way to share files with your client and save them within your project for the foreseeable future.

Note: File uploads are visible only to you, your partners and the client on the project. Collaborators do not currently have access to project files.

To upload files to your project, you just need to click the "+" button on your project's Documents section and then "Upload File":

From here, you will see a modal to upload your file, as well as confirm the filename to add.

This will add the file to your project so you and your client can access it in the future. If needed, you can easily delete any file as well.

One great part of using this approach is that your clients can also share files with you right from their Client Portal. In other words, if they log into your Client Portal and access a project, they can easily share files in the exact same way.

Once they are uploaded, they will appear in your list of project Documents, where they can be viewed and downloaded.

Sending Attachments From Projects

Another easy-to-use approach to sending files is simply sending emails right from within your Bonsai projects.

Note: Project emails and attachments are sent to everyone on the project, including partners, collaborators and your client.

The benefit of using this feature is two-fold:

  • It uses any white-label branding you may have enabled for your account. This means a professional-looking email can be sent to your client, instead of a text-only email that looks more like a personal email.

  • It remains visible in your project timeline for later reference by both you or your client (if they have access to your Client Portal).

To send a branded email, you just need to click "Send Email & Attachments" from your project activity timeline.

This will open a modal to send an email as well as add any attachments you would like to be sent to your client (and collaborators) on the project.

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