How do I enable my Client Portal?

You can enable your client portal from your Account Settings page!

How do my clients access my Client Portal?

Note: the Client Portal feature is only available for Professional and Business plan users.

Clients can easily access your Client Portal anytime from the proposals/contracts or invoices you send them. This is automatically enabled and available to clients after you upgraded to a Professional or Business subscription.

How do I update my Client Portal branding?

First, make sure that you have enabled "Whitelabeling" in your Branding settings so that it is set to "Show Your Brand". Save your changes and this will ensure that clients see your branding in your emails to them, as well as on all client-facing pages.

From there, make sure your "Company Logo" has been saved in order to ensure your correct logo is used.

How do I update the banner image in my Client Portal?

The Client Portal currently uses banner image set on your Company Profile. To update this image, you can navigate to your "My Profile" from your user dropdown in the navigation.

From there, you can edit your company logo or background banner image by clicking "Edit Page" in the top.

You're done!

That's it. Once you've updated those settings you can be sure that your client will see your Client Portal all within the context of your brand.

From that page, your clients can log in using the email you've set as their primary email address.

And then view their active projects with you :)

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