Bonsai's referral program

Details on sharing Bonsai with a friend and how to access Bonsai's referral program

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How referrals work

You can refer others to Bonsai and earn one month free.

Our referral program offers 1 free month to existing customers and the company they refer. The free month is active for the person/business you've referred immediately, and you'll receive a free month once they sign up for a paid subscription at the end of their free month trial.

Note that if you're on our monthly subscription plan, the following month will be billed at $0. If you're on a prepaid yearly plan, the free month will apply toward your next renewal. For example, if you received 1 month credit while on a yearly plan, your next renewal will be at a prorated rate to reflect 11 months instead of 12 months.

Sharing your referral link

Locate the "Get 1 Month Free" button on the bottom lefthand side of your Bonsai dashboard. From there, you'll have several options to share a free month with others. Your sent referrals as well as monthly credits are tracked on this screen page.

The person or business you refer must use the unique link tied to your account to signup in order for you to receive a referral credit toward a free month.

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