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Sending proposal links to clients
Sending proposal links to clients

How to share a link for a proposal to send directly to your client

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Proposals can be sent to clients by email or via a URL link. Follow these instructions to share a link to your proposal with your client.

  • Navigate to the Proposals tab on your dashboard

  • Select the proposal that you would like to send

  • Click on the 'Send Proposal' button to choose your sharing options

  • The following screen will ask you to confirm your preferred method for sharing the proposal. Select the 'Send via URL' option

  • A disclaimer will appear advising that the link will need to be sent manually to your client. Click on 'Continue' to view your unique URL link.

  • The next screen will display your proposal URL. Here, you can copy and paste the link to share with your client.

    Note: Please keep in mind that anyone who has access to this link will be able to view and approve the proposal.

  • Reminder emails can still be sent from your dashboard, by clicking 'Send Reminder' on the proposal page.

If you have any questions about sharing proposals with your clients, get in touch with the Bonsai Support team at

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