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What you can do on a free "Limited" subscription plan
What you can do on a free "Limited" subscription plan

Learn more about the Limited plan on Bonsai.

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At Bonsai, we understand that your business has ebb's and flows that will prevent you from taking on new business. If you were to cancel your subscription, your plan will be moved to our 'Limited' plan, which provides limited access to your Bonsai account.

On this plan, you will be unable to issue new invoices or documents to your clients, however, you will retain a 'view-only' access to your account, which includes the following features:

  • Projects: Create and Manage Projects, including creation of tasks and time tracking. Add Documents and send messages from within the Project.

  • Viewing all existing documents (Proposals, Contracts, Invoices)

  • Add expenses and income from the Bookkeeping page

  • Viewing the Services & Forms Library.

  • Managing Client records and new leads

  • Edit account settings including exporting/importing account data and managing integrations.

To unlock more features and fully manage your business using Bonsai, consider upgrading your subscription to one of our paid subscription plans.

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