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Can I track my mileage for expense/tax deductions?
Can I track my mileage for expense/tax deductions?

Expense tracking business-related driving on Bonsai

Updated over a week ago

Regarding the following, please be aware that Bonsai does not provide tax advice. We always recommend talking to a licensed accountant or other tax professional.

Tracking driving with expenses

At this time, you cannot track mileage on Bonsai. Instead, we encourage users to track driving-related expenses inside of Bonsai. These can things such as gas expenses, car repairs and more.

The primary complication with this expense-tracking approach for tax-deduction purposes is that you must alter the tax deductions you are taking for each. Your tax deduction for each driving-related expense must be the percentage you typically use your car for business purposes. In other words, if you have a $50 gas expense and use your car 50% of the time for work, then you can deduct $25.

Within Bonsai, this means you may have to manually adjust your driving related tax deductions so it reflects this percentage amount.

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