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Can I mark my proposal as 'accepted' for my client?
Can I mark my proposal as 'accepted' for my client?

Learn more about marking proposals as accepted

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Marking Proposals As Accepted

If your client has voiced their acceptance of your proposal outside of Bonsai, or you need to mark your proposal as accepted on their behalf for any reason, you can easily do so within your proposal options.

All you need to do is view your outstanding proposal, click to see more options and then select "Mark As Accepted":

Once you do this, your proposal will be updated so that it is now accepted for your client. It will not send a notification email to them on your behalf, though.

For Proposals With Payment Capture

If you have set up payment capture on your proposal, it will be ignored if you mark your proposal as accepted on behalf of your client. No invoice will be generated on your behalf, so you must manually create and send an invoice to your client separately if you wish to collect any upfront payment.

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