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I received a security code email but did not request it.
I received a security code email but did not request it.

What to do if I received an security email notification but don't recognize it.

Updated over a week ago

Did you receive one of these security code notifications, but were not trying to login?

This may mean that a hacker found your email online and are trying to log into your Bonsai account.

This could have be caused by a data breach on another website, which is unfortunately common these days. Scammers will often use email lists found online and attempt to login on a variety of websites, testing logins leaked on these other website or simply trying to brute force a variety of password attempts.
Thankfully, Bonsai requires this additional 2FA process for new users, which increases account security dramatically. While you can always disable the additional security features in your account settings, it can prevent someone from accessing your account if they have your email and password for some reason.
โ€‹This email may have prevented someone from hacking into your account, assuming they did not have access to your inbox and email code.
However, if you think your email login or other account logins may have been stolen, we recommend changing your password(s). That, along with continuing to use additional security steps (such as this 2FA code), are often strong safety measures one can take to protect themselves online.

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