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Why is my balance negative on Bonsai?
Why is my balance negative on Bonsai?
Updated over a week ago

In some cases, you might find your balance negative. Several reasons could explain this:

You have refunded an invoice

The time for us to successfully process the refund, your balance will first become negative while we transfer the money back to your client, then once we have recovered the money from your account, your balance should come back to a positive amount.

A client has made a chargeback against one of your invoices

In this case, the mechanism works exactly like in the case of a refund. We will have to refund the client first. If you lose the case, it will stay as is. However, if you win the case, we will credit back the funds to your balance.

You have made an over capture / force capture type of card transaction

Some types of card transactions (hotels, tips in bars/restaurants, transactions without Internet connection e.g. in airplanes) can result in a negative balance.

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