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Reasons why your Bonsai Payments balance hasn’t been paid out
Reasons why your Bonsai Payments balance hasn’t been paid out

Learn about why a Bonsai Payments balance hasn't been paid out successfully

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If you have Bonsai Payments set up as your primary payment method, it will automatically issue payouts to your connected bank account by default. The timeline for these payouts depends on your current payout schedule, which you can find in the Payments section.

In some cases, payouts may not be successfully deposited. Here, we’ll cover why that may happen and how to get your funds back on track.

Causes for a delayed payment

Occasionally, you may find that a balance exists in your Bonsai Payments account that doesn't queue up immediately to pay out. Most commonly this is because a previous payout to the account has failed, or the payout is too large for the payout method.

Failed payments

The Payments tab on your dashboard will show the status of our payout and indicates if your payout has failed.

You will see a red "failed" notification beside a payout. If this happens, all you need to do is click on "Manage Payouts" > "Add Payout Account" and add a new payout method. Once your new payout method is added, the payout should queue up as soon as possible to try again.

When the amount exceeds the limit for the payout method

Another possibility is that the payout amount is too large for the attached payout method or schedule. The following limits apply.

  • The limit to debit card payouts is $9,999 USD.

  • For instant payouts, the limit is $9,999 USD.

If you have hit these limits on a payment, the payout won't queue up. To resolve this, simply click on "Manage Payouts" > "Add Payout Account" in the Payments section and add a bank account directly as a payout method.

If you have any questions regarding payouts, get in touch with the Bonsai Support team at

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