How can I edit a client's info?

Details on how to add, edit, and delete clients from the client list

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To edit a client's info, go to your client list (, click on a client, and then click the pen icon next to their name. From there, you can edit their name, email address, and picture:

How to edit verified client's information?

As you know, editing verified clients in Bonsai hasn't been very straight forward in the past and we made a few enhancements around it to make your life easy :)

But firstly, what's a verified client?

A client becomes 'Verified' when they enter the Bonsai system themselves, by creating an account and Verify their email address. Once a client became verified, there wasn't a way for you to edit the name of the client or the profile picture they had in place, in your Bonsai account.

What has changed now?

1. Edit verified client's name and avatar

We'll now allow you to edit your client's company name and avatar, including verified clients. This won't affect the underlying Company record of the original Client. Meaning that if the Client has signed up for Bonsai and set their company name as "X" and if you decide to change it to "Y", still "X" will show up for the client on his/her account and "Y" will show for you only. The same thing applies to the avatar/profile pic of the client.

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 7.11.12 PM.png

As shown above, you can now change the company name and the avatar/profile picture.

2. Company name vs Contact name

Previously, when a Client Company did not have a company name set, it was displaying the name of the client contact. Now, we're explicitly asking for the Contractor to add the company name if it's not present. In other places, we'll show the "default" Contact name if the company name is not present.

In the below screenshot, you'd see we are asking to add the company name when not added instead of populating the company contact's email address.


3. Then what about editing the verified contact's email address?

This isn't still possible as the client is already verified with this same email address. However, you can switch the default contact for this client by adding a new contact and making them the default contact. That means the new email address you add will be used for all future correspondence with this verified client :)

You can do it by adding a new contact under the verified client and marking them as default contact as shown below:


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