Workflow automations

Bonsai's workflow automations are simple to set up and save you hours each week.

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What are automations

Automations are a great way to reduce manual steps in your workflow while still delivering the best client experience.

With Bonsai, you can set up automatic actions to be performed on your behalf when a key event happens. For example when a client signs a contract, send them an email. Or when a client fills out a form, invite them to book a meeting with you.

Automations are available to customers on the Professional and Business plans.

How to set up automations

Head to the Automations page through your Clients tab along the left side menu:

Click on 'New Automation' you'll be presented with a pop up window. Here, you can select from a list of Triggers and a list of Automatic Actions.

A trigger will be the triggering event with the automatic action being the action that is automatically performed once the trigger event happens:


  • When a Contract is signed

  • When a Proposal is accepted

  • When a Proposal is accepted or a Contract is signed

  • When the first Invoice of a Project is paid

  • When a Form is filled out

  • When a Project is marked completed

Automatic Actions:

  • Send a message (via email)

  • Send a Form

  • Schedule a meeting with Bonsai scheduler

  • Receive your Calendly link to schedule a meeting

One common workflow we see users automating is onboarding new clients. You can do this by embedding an intake Form to your website (or send the form manually) and let your clients automatically schedule a meeting.

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