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How Do I Create Custom Forms/Questionnaire In Bonsai?
How Do I Create Custom Forms/Questionnaire In Bonsai?

Send custom forms, build automations and embed forms directly into your website!

Updated over a week ago

The Form feature available on all plans. You can choose to send a customized form directly to a client, or you can create a generic form if you want to send it to new clients.

The Forms tab lives under your Clients Tab along the left side menu.

Creating Your Form

When creating your form, you'll be able to add as many or as few questions as you desire. We offer 6 options for different sections/question types for you to choose from:

You can add as many questions as you want and choose if the answer should be a text, a single choice, or multiple choices.

You'll type the question on the box, and add the different options to choose from if it's multiple choice:

Sharing Your Form

Once you're finished editing, you have a few different options for sharing your completed questionnaire with clients (and potential clients).

  1. Click 'Send Form' to send the form directly via email to a specific client.

  2. Click 'Share' to get a direct URL that you can share publicly to allow multiple people to access and respond to the form.

  3. Another option under 'Share' is to retrieve code to embed your forms directly in your website.

How to view Forms responses?

On the main Forms section itself, you have a way to check the responses of the forms submitted by your clients.

You can click the 'Form Responses' button to view them, as shown below:


There, you will be able to see the answered forms broken down by the client along with the submitted date.


You can filter these responses by selecting a specific form or by the form's status:


Then, when you click on the line item, you will be shown the form along with its questions and submitted answers :)

Note: Forms white-labelling is only included in our Professional and Business plans. You can upgrade to one of these plans from your My subscription page.

If you need help, don't hesitate to talk to our support team via chat or email.

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