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How to complete, archive or delete a project
How to complete, archive or delete a project

Follow these steps to complete, archive or delete a project that has ended

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After finishing your project, we offer simple options to mark it as completed, archive it or delete it.

Marking a project as completed

Follow these steps to mark a project as completed. Navigate to the additional options on your Project page, which are displayed as three dots. Then, select the 'Mark Complete' option from the dropdown menu.

To reverse this action, use the filters to access your completed projects. Select the Status dropdown menu and pick the 'Completed' option.

On the individual project entry, click on the additional options and select 'Restore Project'. Your project will now reflect on the active projects list.

Archiving a project

In Bonsai, archiving a project effectively ends it and its documents can no longer be signed or paid by the client. However, both you and the client will still have access to the documents you have created.

To archive a project, navigate to the project's page and select the additional options. Simply select the 'Archive Project' option, and the project will no longer reflect on your active projects list.

To access a list of your archived projects on the Projects page, click on the filters and select the 'Archived' status option.

Archived projects can also be made active again by using the additional options on the project and selecting 'Restore Project'.

Deleting a project

To delete a project, select the additional options on the entry and click on the 'Delete Project' option. A confirmation pop-up will appear to advise that the deletion is permanent, and will result in any linked contracts, invoices, tasks, time entries and proposals being deleted as well.

Note: Deleting a project on Bonsai is irreversible. Before deleting a project, ensure that you have saved any data required for your records.

The options to complete, archive or delete projects are also accessible directly on the Projects page. Simply head over to the additional options to the right of the project entry to complete the desired action.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my archived and completed projects accessible to clients within their client portal?

    Yes! Clients will retain their access to the project's details and any associated documents, including invoices, proposals, contracts and more.

  • If I mark my project as completed, will this have any impact on the associated tags or its status?

    Tags and statuses must be updated manually, as this is not an automated function on Bonsai at the moment.

  • Can I mark multiple projects as completed or archived in bulk?

    Each individual project will need to be marked as completed or archived.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with Bonsai's Support team at for assistance.

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