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How to edit your contract template
How to edit your contract template

Customizing our Standardized or Editable contract templates to fit your needs.

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Contract template types (standardized and editable)

We currently offer two contract template types: Standardized and Editable. Standardized templates are great for when you require a bit more of a foundation for your contract template. As an alternative, the "Editable" contracts will give you full customization to the text in a contract template. If you do not see a template you would like that is "Editable", you can always start with the "Generic (Completely Editable)" template or "Blank Contract" template.

While crafting your Standardized template, you'll be prompted to complete predefined sections including 'Basic Info', 'Scope of Work', and 'Payment' details. This will ensure you can provide pertinent information about yourself, your client and the nature of the contract:

Once the contract has been created, you can modify any information that you've entered in the predefined sections by selecting the highlighted text:

You can also add an addendum paragraph to the end of the contract by navigating to 'Settings' in the righthand side panel of the contract > selecting 'Add Custom Clause', before you've signed the contract:

In the event that you've already signed your contract, the other party has not yet signed the contract, and you require to make some edits to the contract:

Select the 3 dots in the top righthand corner of the contract > select the "Unsign & Edit". This will ensure that your contract is reverted to an editable state:

Once both parties sign the contract, neither will be able to edit it for any reason.

Converting Standardized contracts to Fully Editable

If you require additional flexibility beyond the features available in our Standardized template editing, you can convert your contract to a fully editable version. To access this option, simply navigate to the three-dot menu located in the upper right-hand corner of the contract interface.

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