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Disputing a business banking transaction
Disputing a business banking transaction
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Like any card product, the Bonsai card allows you to dispute payments for a variety of reasons - unrecognized charges, subscription payments after cancellation, non-receipt of goods or services, and so on. This article will walk you through the steps to do so.

If you don’t recognize this charge, first refer to our article Unrecognized charge with business banking or Bonsai card, which describes the steps to take when you have a charge with business banking that you don’t remember making.

If you recognize the payment and are considering disputing the transaction for other reasons, first be sure to contact the merchant directly. In many cases, you can come to a more expedient resolution outside of the dispute process.

To dispute the transaction through Bonsai, first reach out to our Support team for assistance. Our Support team will provide you with a form to collect the information needed to file the dispute.

The dispute form contains a few sections that require your attention:


While you may feel a payment is fraudulent for a variety of reasons, please reserve this reason for payments you genuinely don’t recognize. Contractual disputes, non-delivery of goods and services, and subscription cancellations all have their own reason.


In this field, you will be asked to provide a brief written summary of why you are disputing the payment. In order to best present your case, be sure to stick to the facts of the matter and address the reason you selected. Any description of your efforts to investigate or resolve the issue with the merchant can be shared here as well.


You may attach a file containing any relevant evidence supporting your dispute claim here.

For example, if you contacted the merchant about a contractual dispute and they refused to work with you to find a resolution, this is a useful piece of evidence when filing a dispute for not received or not as described.

Due to system limitations of the dispute system, only one file is allowed. If you have multiple pieces of evidence, please condense them into one file.

Once you’ve completed the form, be sure to respond and let our team know. They’ll take it from there!

After the dispute has been filed, it may take up to 60 days to receive a resolution. This is because the recipient of the dispute is afforded the opportunity to accept or contest the dispute and provide evidence of their own. For this reason, it is important to exhaust all avenues of resolution with the merchant before moving to a dispute.

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