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Can I require an upfront payment/deposit for my contract?
Can I require an upfront payment/deposit for my contract?

Learn how to require payment automatically after a contract is signed.

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When your client signs a contract they can also pay the requested deposit, just like how they do via proposals. This removes additional steps so that you can get started on your project faster.

This feature only works with Bonsai's integrated payment system. If you enable this feature, it will automatically use Bonsai's online payment processing.

Enabling Upfront Payment

To activate the feature to require a payment, just navigate to the Settings tab on your contract editor. From there, you can toggle it on and update the settings:

Here's a closer look:

Once you've saved your settings, it will looks something along these lines, showing the configuration:

You will be able to edit these settings until your contract is signed and sent.

Client Payment

Once your client counter-signs your contract, they will see a modal prompting them for payment.

At this point, the underlying invoice (for $1,000 in this example) will be created inside of your account as well as being marked as "Sent".

If, for some reason, your client fails to complete their payment here, you can always send a reminder for the invoice itself separately.

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