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Can I deposit a check on my account?
Can I deposit a check on my account?
Updated over a week ago

Check deposits are currently not available on Bonsai.

You can however transfer funds to your account through other methods such as bank transfers, online payment platforms, Bonsai Payments or direct deposit. These options provide a convenient and secure way to add funds to your Bonsai account.

If you choose to transfer funds via bank transfer, you can initiate the transfer from your bank's website or mobile app by adding adding the bank account details available on your Banking section and entering the necessary account details. Make sure to double-check the account information to avoid any errors.

For online payment platforms, you can link your Bonsai account to popular platforms such as PayPal or Venmo by inputting your account information there directly. This allows you to transfer funds directly from these platforms to your Bonsai account.

If you prefer direct deposit, you can provide your Bonsai account details to your employer or any other entity that offers direct deposit services. This way, your funds will be deposited directly into your Bonsai Cash account.

Remember to always verify the account details and follow the instructions provided by Bonsai Cash to ensure a smooth and secure transfer of funds.

You can view your account information by clicking on "Show Account Info" in your Banking section.

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