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Why does my account say it is frozen?
Why does my account say it is frozen?

Learn more about why your account is under review.

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If you are seeing a notice in Bonsai that says your account is frozen or under review, then our automated risk detection software has flagged your account. This means that our team is manually reviewing your account information and payment history.

In order to keep using Bonsai, we will likely need to get more information about your business.


The information our Operations team needs can vary on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to check your email for communication from the Operations team, as in most cases there will be an email detailing the requested information.

Some of the most common requirements include:

  • ID verification (e.g. government-issued photo ID)

  • More information about your business (what you are selling, any website or social media presence)

  • Any incorporation/legal documentation identifying your business and/or the nature of your business

For context, Bonsai periodically conducts reviews of accounts and transactions on the platform to protect our users. This ensures the security of your funds and the integrity of the platform against bad actors. These processes usually occur in the background, but there are certain situations in which we need additional information.

Once the requested information has been provided, it generally takes 2 business days to complete the review. Upon successful review, our team will be able to re-enable your account.

Should you have questions about the requirement, please feel free to reply the outreach from the Operations team or contact Support for assistance.

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