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Bonsai Payments: All about Payout Totals and Payout Estimated Dates
Bonsai Payments: All about Payout Totals and Payout Estimated Dates
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After you have received an invoice payment through Bonsai Payments, this payment will be turned into a "payout" so it can be transferred to the account of your choice (via ACH or debit card). You can see an overview of your payouts on the Payouts page:

Let's take a look at what these totals mean:

Payout Totals

Pending balance

"Pending balance" is all the money that will be available for payout soon, but that is still pending due to several possible causes:

  1. Because your client paid via bank transfer (ACH), so it can take several days before the payment is successfully processed

  2. Because our payment partner Stripe is still performing some verifications on the payment before it makes it available for payout.

  3. Because your payout is held for a few days because of your payout schedule (Standard Payouts or Limited Payouts), for security reasons.

In most cases, verifications only take a handful of days, but depending on your Payout Schedule, it can be up to 20 days before your payout will be sent to your bank. Once you are on a faster payout schedule, this will be accelerated.

In future payouts

Any amount visible under "In future payouts" means that the payout is about to be created and sent to your bank. You should receive your payout shortly.

In transit

This means that the payout has been created and the money will soon reach your bank.

Total Payouts

When the payout has reached the bank, its amount will increment this total.

Pending verification

After you have added a payout account for the first time, our partner Stripe sometimes take a few days before verifying accounts. If your account is still pending verification (see screenshot below), it might take a few days before you see your payout amount in the Payout Totals. This should take 2 business days maximum, but it can take longer in some cases.

View All Your Payouts

If you click on "View Payouts" below, you will be able to view a list of all your payouts and an estimated arrival date.

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