What Is My Offer?

With this partnership with Webflow, you are eligible for:

  • 1 year free of Bonsai's Workflow plan, worth over $200!

  • 50% off after your first year!

If you would like to use a different email than the one tied to your Webflow account, please message the support team at support@hellobonsai.com to confirm your eligibility and ensure your offer is applied.

What Can Bonsai Do for You?

Bonsai is an all-in-one platform that will allow you to bill your clients with “subscription” auto-pay invoices, recurring invoices, or one-off invoices. One benefit to you and your business is that through our payment platform, Bonsai Payments, you will not incur the 5% platform fee that you would have paid through Webflow.

Beyond invoicing, Bonsai is a platform that will help you elevate your work to the next level. We have helped hundreds of thousands of freelancers with documents like Proposals, Contracts, and Forms. You can leverage our Accounting and Bonsai Tax tools to manage your accounting and tax estimates, and use features like Automations and Auto-reminders for payments to create intentional and seamless experiences for your clients.

How To Migrate Your Webflow Client Billing to Bonsai

Set Up Bonsai Payments To Auto-Collect Payments

Bonsai Payments is our proprietary integrated payments offering. Using Bonsai Payments over Stripe Payments or PayPal through Bonsai ensures that you will incur the lowest fees possible on your payments, and you will be able to skip the 1% platform fee incurred by other payment methods through Bonsai. Essentially, setting up Bonsai Payments will let your clients pay by card or ACH bank transfer on your invoices.

Visit your payments page, under the Invoices tab, to set up Bonsai Payments. From there, you can click to enable Bonsai Payments!

You will then be walked through a few brief onboarding questions to gather the information we need about your business (such as business type) to get you up and running with Bonsai Payments.

Note: If your region is not eligible for Bonsai Payments and you do not see it as an option on your payments page, you can follow these same steps but choose to set up “Stripe Payments” or “PayPal” Instead, and you will not incur the 1% platform fee.

Add Your Default Payout Method

Once you have set up Bonsai Payments, it’s time to add your payout account! You can do this by clicking “New Account” from the Bonsai Payments panel on your Payments page.

It is best to add a bank account directly as your first payout method. This will ensure you are eligible for our two business-day “Standard” payout schedule. The “debit card” option will only work with supported debit cards.

If you live in the United States consider exploring Bonsai Cash! Bonsai Cash is a great way to receive and store payments from your invoices, save for business expenses or goals with envelopes, and spend with both physical and digital cards- with your expenses being synced directly in your Bonsai accounting.

Check out our Bonsai Cash article to learn more, and contact the support team at support@hellobonsai.com to make sure you’re eligible.

Add Your Clients or Import Them With a CSV File

There are two ways to add your clients to Bonsai!

First, you can do this manually. You can visit your “Clients” page in Bonsai to create a new client record.

Once you’ve done this, you can add the necessary information about your client such as the contact name, business name (which can sometimes simply be the client name!) and email address.

Alternatively, you can visit your Integrations & Data page to import a CSV spreadsheet of your clients all at once. You can even download a template from this page to receive a template you can fill in with your client data.

Create a Project To Keep Your Invoices and Other Work With Your Client Organized

Projects are an important part of Bonsai. Projects are where your invoices, contracts, proposals, and client communication will be kept. The easiest way to create a project is to click on the “Projects” tab on the lefthand side of Bonsai, and click to create a new one.

Once you have done this, you will be able to choose which client is associated with this project, give it a title, and choose the currency.

Create Auto-pay “Subscription” Invoices, Recurring Invoices, or One-off Invoices to Bill Your Clients

For the most detailed overview of Invoicing through Bonsai, check out our onboarding article here.

To create an invoice, click on your "Invoices" tab, and click "New Invoice!"

Remember, although these are the steps to make an invoice from the invoices tab directly, you can also create them from the project page, too!

Once you've clicked to create an invoice, you will be presented with this prompt. Here you can choose the Invoice Type, such as a single invoice, a recurring or subscription invoice, or a bundled invoice. If you want your client to automatically be billed each month, choose “Subscription.” Then you can choose your Client, and then choose the project we made earlier or create a new one! Then choose how often you'd like the invoices to be created and when you'd like them to stop.

Once you create the invoice, you can confirm that it has Recurring Payment enabled by clicking the banner at the top of the invoice:

Now, you need to create "Line Items" on your invoice. Enter an Item Name, type in a quantity for Units, and add the Rate for that item. These will tally and become a total at the bottom of the invoice.

You can also create a custom tax by clicking on where it says "0.0%" and adding your own figure and tax name. You can also add expenses by clicking on "Add Expenses."

When you're finished with your invoice, click "Send Now" in the top right-hand corner.

How To Unlock the Full Potential of Bonsai

Now that you are moving your Webflow billing over to Bonsai, why not explore more of the feature we have to offer you? Check out our onboarding article here to explore how we can help level up your business.

Contracts are great for locking in work with your clients. We have templates for web development, design, and more!

Proposals are a wonderful way to pitch new work to new or existing clients. We help you with templates here, too.

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