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Why can't I refund my client on my invoice?
Why can't I refund my client on my invoice?

Why am I not allowed to refund my client after 45 days?

Updated over a week ago

In Bonsai whether you are using any of our integrated payments such as Bonsai Payments, Stripe Payments, or PayPal, payments from your client are generally refundable.

That being said, it is not always possible to refund your client depending on the payment type, time since the original payment, and payment processor used for the transaction.

Because of this, Bonsai does not allow refunds to be initiated after 45 days have passed from the date of the client's payment. If this amount of time has passed, the easiest way to refund your client is often through an off-platform alternative.

There may be some cases where we can still help you refund your client. If you are receiving an error when refunding your client, and want to explore the possibility of reversing the transaction, please contact our support team directly at and we will be happy to investigate further.

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