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Can I change the status of partially paid invoices as paid?
Can I change the status of partially paid invoices as paid?

Learn how to mark your invoice as fully paid when there are partial payments done by your clients

Updated over a week ago

We're happy to implement one of the most requested features by Bonsai users.

Previously, when a client pays the invoice partially, the invoice status used to be unpaid and we offered you a few workarounds to manage such invoices.

However, with our new change, you can now mark the partially paid invoices as paid with or without including the outstanding amount.

For example, here's an invoice of USD $10,488 and my client paid USD $10,000 with $488 as the outstanding amount.


The invoice status will still be unpaid or outstanding.

When you can go to the invoice and try to Mark it as Paid, you will see the below options:


You can mark the complete invoice as paid including the outstanding amount and that will change the paid amount to $10,488.

The invoice status looks like this:


Or, you can simply mark the invoice as paid with the original amount of $10,000 paid by your client.

The invoice status then looks like this:


How to handle the Late fees on invoices if the client doesn't pay them?

If the overdue payment on the invoice is the late payment fees that the client hasn't paid, then you can manually avoid the late payment fee on the invoice.

You can mark the invoice as fully paid and set the Date Paid as the 'Due Date'.

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