👉 Note: If you want to read about global automation / automation presets instead, you can find that article here!

What can you do with document-specific automations in Bonsai?

  1. You can now set up Automations globally and manage them individually on invoices/contracts/proposals/projects/forms.

  2. You can now sync changes when a user updates "global" automations from this page

  3. You can now add new automations specifically for a document/project/etc on the go :)

  4. You can now enable/disable reminders for your invoices, proposals, contracts on the document level itself instead of toggling them at the global or project level.

Okay, how do these options look on the Documents/Projects/Forms?

You can now see an 'Edit Automation' button on each of the documents, projects, and forms in Bonsai as shown below:



Great! So, what do I use these document-specific automations for?

Previously our global automations were working across all the documents you have in Bonsai. For example, when you set up an automation that sends out a message as soon as a Proposal is accepted, then it was applicable for all the proposals that were accepted by your clients.

This new change will let you apply this kind of automation only to one of a selected set of proposals :)

When you click the Edit Automation button, then it opens up a popup where you can configure reminders and automations for that specific document.

For example, if I click 'Edit Automation' on an invoice, these are the options I see:


and when I click Add New Action, then it shows me automation triggers specific to invoice only:


The automation events and reminders vary depending on the type of document you're on.

How do I know if automation is live on a document?

If you enable either a reminder or automation on any document, we denote it with a little green spark icon, as shown below:


Now let's dive a bit deeper and understand some cases

What are Global Automations?

The automations you've set up under the Clients -> Automations page are global automations and these automations will be applicable for all the documents by default in your Bonsai account.

For example, if you have a global automation 'When a contract is signed by the client, send a message, that means the set message in that automation will be sent whenever any contract is signed in your account.

What if you already have a global automation active? How does it look on your document?

In this screenshot, I have a contract for which the global automation is already enabled and is denoted by the label 'GLOBAL'.


You can either add a new action to this particular contract's automation or can even disable the global automation from here by simply unchecking it. That will exempt this contract from your global automation.

Here's an example with both global automation and document-specific automation added to the document:


Automated Reminders:

You no longer need to manage your automated invoice reminders from the Project Settings page. You can enable or disable them depending on your client's preferences right from the invoice itself. Simply click the 'Edit Automation' button on your invoice to control this :)

Note: Automations feature is included only in our Workflow Plus plan. You can upgrade to the Workflow Plus plan from your My subscription page to get access to our White-labelling features.

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